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Demanding jobs require dedication not only to your job but to your body.

What you put in your body will determine what you get out of it.   We can usually wing it for a while but eventually lack of appropriate input will eventually catch up with us in one way or another.

When short on time we tend to prioritise immediate demands such as deadlines, meetings, getting the next idea off the ground and looking after our team.   However, this can catch up with us if we are making poor decisions with nutrition day in and day out.

Every cell in our body is made from what we eat, drink, touch or breathe – this impacts our hormones (our ‘get up and go’, drive to do well, sexual function),  our neurotransmitters (speed of thought, our focus, mental clarity), our energy (workplace, family and sport/gym), our immune system and our metabolism.   Sometimes is hard to know where to start or find time to prioritise nutrition and it can be side-lined.  This is where a personalised nutrition and supplement plan fits in.  One that is adaptable to you, your life, your own unique body’s demands including existing health conditions and concerns.  Not one that is rolled-out for the whole team/office.

From a corporate perspective this is likely to improve productivity via:

  • Reduced days off work from illness.
  • Reduced days off work from stress-related health issues.
  • Increased mojo and drive in the workplace.
  • Increased focus (especially in the afternoon).
  • Improved home life thus feeding into a happier employee.
  • Improved metabolism (eg weight/body composition improvements) – improved longevity and happiness of employee.

What a personalised Nutrition and Supplement Plan includes: 

  • Functional Blood Chemistry Panel– education on what these results mean, connecting the dots and how previous blood panels are very likely not giving you all the information you needBlood testing
  • Genetic testing to understand what sort of diet is best suited to you – messages and trends in the media are confusing.  Is a vegan diet right for you, what about Keto, how well do you process carbohydrates and fats – combined with your fully comprehensive blood test results, genetics allows us to really understand what is going on inside your body and how to optimise health (and happiness)
  • Additional testing can be arranged for any specific health issues or family-health history concerns you wish to be monitored/assessed for.
  • A comprehensive healthy history and symptom assessment – this with the test results will be gone through in a 90-120 minute consultation with Katherine or a highly qualified member of her team.
  • A personalised nutrition plan will be put together for you with consideration to your other life demands (eg family commitments, where you live, where to buy near work and how/what to prepare quickly and easily for the next day, choices to make in restaurants you frequent regularly as well as education on how to do all of this going forward yourself).  This makes a plan ‘doable’ – a perfect food plan is no good if it is not sustainable.


  • Current supplements will be reviewed in light of test results and a personalised, evidence-based plan recommended.   All medication (drug)-nutrient interactions will be checked.
  • Education specifically on you and your body’s needs and demands – understanding why you may want to do something is a huge motivation to make sustainable long-term changes
  • Regular monitoring and testing where appropriate.

If you would like to find out more or ‘test-run’ the process on yourself before committing to a wider platform, please contact Katherine on

About Katherine:

Katherine has a First Class honours degree in Nutritional Science (BSc) retraining after working in the City, a BA Hons. Degree in Economics and is currently completing a MSc in Applied Neuropsychology at Kings College London.  She is also a mother and GB Age Group Triathlete qualifying to compete in 2023 in both Middle Distance Triathlon and Duathlon Championships (European and World) and Duathlon Standard Distance Championships.   She has a passion for what she does.   To find out more about Katherine please read here