Personalised Nutrition

Personalised Health and Wellness Programmes

This is for anyone with underlying health concerns that perhaps have so far been unresolved by more traditional approaches, you may be concerned about your family history and wish to be preventative or it may simply be that a loss of vitality is felt.  Packages typically last 10 weeks and begin from £390, with prices vary depending on length and frequency of contact required and is likely to depend on the complexity of your case.

What do you get:

  • Introductory 15 minute ‘get-to-know you’ call.
  • Initial 90 minute consultation with detailed health history and goal assessment.
  • Two 45 minute follow-up appointments (can be via Skype).
  • 15 minute support calls with frequency subject to package chosen.
  • Detailed Nutritional Report with dietary plan and strategy.
  • Additional regular email support in certain packages.
  • Recommendations supported by evidence-based research.
  • Functional test analysis (tests at additional cost) where appropriate to help target the root cause and tailor your support programme.
  • Coaching and behaviour changes are integrated within all sessions at a level appropriate to you and your circumstances.

Packages are recommended as opposed to one off sessions as working through current health issues and unravelling complex imbalances can take time.  Every plan is unique to you as how one person responds to a particular dietary protocol or supplement is different to the next and interactions with any medication you maybe on are always taken into account.  Frequently Katherine works closely with you and your Doctor or other health care provider to ensure the best long-term solution is found for you.

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Success Stories

I have finally managed to stop obsessing about food. It used to rule my life but now I have learnt how to fuel my body properly, the cravings have gone and I just feel so much healthier and happier with myself. Katherine has really helped to motivate me and just educate me on how my body works and what it needs.


I used to suffer with low grade chronic headaches and low energy - I can only describe it as managing to function day-to-day rather than living life as I felt I should be. I now feel like a completely different person - my headaches gradually subsided and I now don't get them at all which is just such a relief. Katherine's programme was very clear and she supported me along with the way with contact initially every week so I felt there was really someone out there looking out for me. I felt Katherine really cared.

Mrs P

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