Sports Nutrition

Functional Sports Nutrition for Performance

This service is for more active individuals whether you are a seasoned-competitive athlete or simply enjoy taking part in your local 10k.  Have you found that:

  • Despite training harder your performance times are decreasing which you keep putting down to age but are not convinced?
  • You suffer from recurrent colds, infections or injuries?
  • You have lost your ‘mojo’ and love of your training and wish to get it back?
  • You suffer from recurrent GI issues in training and/or races which is hindering your performance?
  • Whatever you do you never manage to reach your ideal race weight?
  • You know you are not fuelling your body optimally and wish to feel empowered to know how to do this and avoid all the above?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this service is for you.  I recommend that you book your free 15 minute introductory call to discuss further how how I can help you and how the functional approach differs to the conventional sports nutrition approach.

Athlete Packages – prices start from £640.  This includes:

  • An initial 90 minute consultation
  • A minimum of 1 follow up via Skype or in person
  • Analysis of functional blood testing and additional tests where carried out (tests at additional cost).
  • A personalised Nutritional Report and Strategy with regular email support.
  • Genetic testing can be arranged and incorporated into your results.
  • The option for an additional on-going low-cost, periodised nutritional plan to accompany your training schedule (additional cost).

If you have not had comprehensive recent blood tests carried out, it is strongly recommended that functional blood testing is done in advance of the initial session (additional charge for the test) which I can arrange for you.  Please head over to FAQ or my Blog page for more details on functional testing.

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Success Stories

I have finally managed to stop obsessing about food. It used to rule my life but now I have learnt how to fuel my body properly, the cravings have gone and I just feel so much healthier and happier with myself. Katherine has really helped to motivate me and just educate me on how my body works and what it needs.


I used to suffer with low grade chronic headaches and low energy - I can only describe it as managing to function day-to-day rather than living life as I felt I should be. I now feel like a completely different person - my headaches gradually subsided and I now don't get them at all which is just such a relief. Katherine's programme was very clear and she supported me along with the way with contact initially every week so I felt there was really someone out there looking out for me. I felt Katherine really cared.

Mrs P
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