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Sports Nutrition

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Functional Sports Nutrition for Performance

This service is for more active individuals whether you are a seasoned-competitive athlete or simply enjoy taking part in your local 10k.

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Get-Back on Track Athlete Package

Have you found that:

  • Despite training harder your performance times are decreasing which you keep putting down to age but are not convinced?
  • You suffer from recurrent colds, infections or injuries?
  • You have lost your ‘mojo’ and love of your training and wish to get it back?
  • You suffer from recurrent GI issues in training and/or races which is hindering your performance?
  • Whatever you do you never manage to reach your ideal race weight?
  • You know you are not fuelling your body optimally and wish to feel empowered to know how to do this and avoid all the above?

If you answered yes to any of the above, this service is for you.  I recommend that you book your free 15 minute introductory call to discuss further how how I can help you and how the functional approach differs to the conventional sports nutrition approach.

Prices start at £1650 which includes comprehensive blood chemistry analysis and adrenal stress testing, written report, food guidance and structure around training and personalised supplement recommendations.

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Fast-track Athlete Service

Prices start from £940.  This includes:

  • Comprehensive Functional Blood Chemistry Testing to include over 105 biomarkers to assess all body systems and ‘connect the dots’.
  • A 60 minute consultation to go through blood test results in context of your goals, current health and symptoms.
  • Please note no written report is included in this package although personalised supplement recommendations will be given along with verbal nutritional advice.
  • The option to upgrade to a more comprehensive package is available once you have gone through your results.

Please note that if you have had previous recent blood tests done these can be considered in place of those included in this package but the majority of standard blood panels are insufficient to provide adequate information.  This can be discussed with Katherine on your Discovery Call.

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