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Corporate & Leadership Nutrition

Fuelling Success

Role modelling nutritional resilience from the inside out

I am Katherine Caris-Harris, owner of KCH Nutrition based in London and Hertfordshire.

As a degree-qualified registered Nutritional Therapist, and a GB Age-Group World and European Triathlete and Duathlete, I truly believe optimal nutrition is what sets successful teams apart.

I also believe that success should be role modelled from the top. That’s why I’m here to help proactive and results-driven leaders sustain their own wellbeing, so they are better placed to grow healthy and resilient teams.

What gets measured gets done

Science-led nutritional analysis

As a Nutritionist, I see many executive leaders running on empty.

Experiencing energy slumps, poor concentration or brain fog. Hormonal changes in both men and women, weight gain, frequent illnesses, late onset intolerances and allergies, falling libido and just loss of love for that they do.

These sypmtoms are all impacted and modifiable through nutrition and lifestyle and aren’t typtically ‘measured’ in the workplace. My clients often have more data and insight into how their corporate projects work than how their own bodies work.

As ‘business athletes’, it’s time leaders take a measured approach to C-suite nutrition to boost their resilience.

My 1-2-1 services offer bespoke nutritional programmes including highly-personalised scientific analysis

By removing the guesswork, my optimal nutrition solutions deliver the transformative results hard-working professionals need.

  • Functional blood chemistry panels (encompassing 110 biomarkers)
  • Nutrigenomic testing
  • Adrenal stress profiling
  • Many other tests available subject to individual need such as hormonal testing, environmental toxin panels and gut function assessment.
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Winning Teams

Grow workplace wellbeing and productivity

Nutrition is a powerful tool to help overcome mental, physical and emotional workplace challenges for:

  • Greater energy and cognitive focus
  • Improved resilience and mental wellbeing
  • Reduced risk of chronic health conditions
  • Greater employee fulfilment and retention

I encourage whole Leadership Teams or Boards of Directors to embark on the transformational journey together to create greater accountability. While each nutritional solution will be different, working towards a shared goal can bring people closer together on a different level.

Corporate Nutrition & Wellness Programmes

1-2-1's, Group Workshops & Talks

1-2-1 Personalised Testing & Nutrition

  • Comprehensive functional blood chemistry panels (110 biomarkers), nutrigenomic testing and adrenal stress profiling
  • Initial 60-90 minute 1-2-1 consultation to go through results in conjunction with health history, symptoms and goals
  • Personalised nutrition and supplement plan that is ‘do-able’ to fit within your lifestyle and work schedule
  • A 30-minute follow-up to assess progress and revise the programme if required
  • Follow-up group workshop with fellow leadership team to discuss overall main findings (anonymised) to promote accountability and provide support

Lunch & Learn Talks

45-minute engaging and informative presentations and talks with downloadable resources to promote wellbeing and nutrition in the workplace

Topics include:

  • Fuel To Win – Building resilience with nutrition to improve productivity and performance to beat the afternoon slump
  • Food For Thought – Improve focus, concentration and memory for improved mental wellbeing
  • Managing Hormonal Change – Managing your way of working through change including both menopause and andropause.

Drop-in Clinics

30-minute private appointments for any team member to discuss their specific needs/concerns


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Let’s discuss what workplace nutrition can do for you

My nutritional support is a bespoke and insightful learning experience tailored to you, so let’s get your gut working with you, and not against you.

Talk to me about my C-Suite Nutritional Programmes to look after the long-term health and wellbeing of you and your business, from the inside out.

Connect with me to schedule a good time to talk:
07788 102052