Some kind words

I used to suffer with awful stomach pains, they could be quite debilitating and I was told it was just IBS and something that I had to live with. Katherine had a very different perspective and I was very impressed by the depth of her knowledge. We ran some tests and discovered some unwanted 'inhabitants' and Katherine gave me a plan to follow, some supplements along with a change in diet - it took 3 months to work through various issues but the pain has now gone completely. I cant describe what a difference this has made to my life.


Thank you so much. Having struggled with lack of energy and headaches for so long, your clear explanation, guidance and support in following the plan have been invaluable. I couldnt have done it without you!

M Anon.

I have finally managed to stop obsessing about food. It used to rule my life but now I have learnt how to fuel my body properly, the cravings have gone and I just feel so much healthier and happier with myself. Katherine has really helped to motivate me and just educate me on how my body works and what it needs.


I used to suffer with low grade chronic headaches and low energy - I can only describe it as managing to function day-to-day rather than living life as I felt I should be. I now feel like a completely different person - my headaches gradually subsided and I now don't get them at all which is just such a relief. Katherine's programme was very clear and she supported me along with the way with contact initially every week so I felt there was really someone out there looking out for me. I felt Katherine really cared.

Mr P