Some kind words

Katherine was excellent with help for my IBS. I was in constant pain and did not know what to do anymore to help myself. Katherine gave me a diet plan and supplements and suggested blood tests which were very beneficial. Her support and help have turned my life around. The diet although difficult at first has made such a difference. She has always been on the end of the phone or email. I feel like a different person and am pain free with loads of energy

Teresa, Hertfordshire

I have been involved in competitive sport all my life, from school through university and into my adult life. For the last 5 years I have been competing in triathlon, a sport I have come to absolutely love.

Having always been self-motivated and goals driven, I then found myself reaching the menopause and losing my mojo! I increasingly experienced a sense of lethargy and lack of interest in training, as well as poor recovery. This was coupled with a general feeling of ‘malaise’ – constant tiredness, nausea, bloating, inability to sleep. I have a restricted diet – I avoid eating meat & eggs, and I don’t drink milk – which only exacerbated the problems. Other nutritionists had simply told me to increase my protein levels by eating more full-fat dairy products such as natural/Greek yoghurt – but this had only served to worsen the nausea and lethargy, which particularly over the last 12-18 months had started to really impact on my daily life as well as on my sporting performance. Katherine was recommended to me and this proved to be the ‘turning point’!
Following a full blood analysis Katherine was able to fully assess why I had been feeling so terrible. I was lacking various key vitamins and minerals, and my hormones were being seriously affected by stress. She recommended a course of supplements to address these issues and she also suggested that I avoid dairy and reduce gluten. Despite my initial reluctance to take supplements, I was surprised by how quickly I started to feel better. Cutting out dairy was a game-changer – the nausea and bloating seemed to disappear after a couple of weeks, and I was managing to sleep better.
Over the course of a few weeks my energy levels improved, I approached training with renewed enthusiasm and vigour and I felt like I had a more positive outlook! At our follow-up meeting on Zoom Katherine assessed the progress that we had made and made some adjustments to the supplements protocol. Since then I have also occasionally contacted Katherine on a couple of ad-hoc questions about diet and recovery and she has always responded immediately and with great advice.
I am sincerely grateful to Katherine for her support, guidance and help over the last few months. I feel my health is back on track, I am ‘back to my old self’, and I have been enjoying my triathlon training again. Katherine is always very friendly and approachable, and as a triathlete herself, she fully understands the needs of endurance sports people. I cannot recommend her enough!


II would wholeheartedly recommend Katherine’s services to anyone based on the exceptional support I have received from her through the work we have done together. As someone who presented a plethora of historic health issues - having seen numerous other healthcare professionals to no avail and having done a lot of my own research - I was quite sceptical about the benefit of seeing a nutritional therapist. However, Katherine’s input far surpassed my expectations; her fresh perspective and determination to get to the root cause have helped to measurably improve my overall health. Katherine’s wealth of knowledge and resourcefulness; multi-dimensional approach; professionalism; dedication and genuine care to provide the best support have all been paramount. By providing a bespoke nutrition plan and adapting it as necessary along the way and educating me further about my conditions and how to manage them nutritionally, not only has my life been transformed, but I now feel far better equipped to make the right nutritional and lifestyle choices to optimise my health.

Laura T.

I used to suffer with awful stomach pains, they could be quite debilitating and I was told it was just IBS and something that I had to live with. Katherine had a very different perspective and I was very impressed by the depth of her knowledge. We ran some tests and discovered some unwanted 'inhabitants' and Katherine gave me a plan to follow, some supplements along with a change in diet - it took 3 months to work through various issues but the pain has now gone completely. I cant describe what a difference this has made to my life.


Thank you so much. Having struggled with lack of energy and headaches for so long, your clear explanation, guidance and support in following the plan have been invaluable. I couldnt have done it without you!

M Anon.

Thank you once again for all your help in deciphering the blood work/stool tests and for formulating the plan needed to address the issues. Apart from feeling human again (hurrah!), I am in no doubt that I would have ended up with some sort of autoimmune problem a few years from now had I not gotten this addressed. I think everyone needs a ‘Katherine’ in their life 🙂

Tracy from Hitchin

I have finally managed to regain a normal relationship with food. It used to rule my life but now I have learnt how to fuel my body properly, the cravings have gone and I just feel so much healthier and happier with myself. Katherine has really helped to motivate me and just educate me on how my body works and what it needs.


I used to suffer with low grade chronic headaches and low energy - I can only describe it as managing to function day-to-day rather than living life as I felt I should be. I now feel like a completely different person - my headaches gradually subsided and I now don't get them at all which is just such a relief. Katherine's programme was very clear and she supported me along with the way with contact initially every week so I felt there was really someone out there looking out for me. I felt Katherine really cared.