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Family Nutrition Packages

Do you have to cook multiple meals for your family who are suffering with perhaps food intolerances, allergies, headaches, behavioural issues, unexplained stomach pain and bloating or perhaps just need to lose some weight while the other children are fussy eaters?  Do you find yourself juggling all of these balls and putting yourself last – you know your own health needs some attention but always has to take a back seat?

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What's Included

Family Nutrition Programme

Through full functional health assessments (including testing where appropriate), I will show you how nutrition and  lifestyle changes can support all of these conditions and how simple changes to your routine can make a huge difference to your family’s health and nutrition.

This service offers:

  • Personalised nutritional assessments for the whole family.
  • Functional testing where appropriate (at an additional cost) to find the root cause of you and your family’s ailments.
  • Lifestyle as well as dietary adjustments which are manageable long-term for you.
  • Help managing meal times and planning shopping (and your cupboards).
  • To guide you how to prepare nourishing food quickly.
  • Daily exercise and movement regimes to incorporate the whole family – this may involve bringing in other experts.
  • Working closely alongside your Doctor where appropriate and other healthcare providers to provide the best solution for you.
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Bespoke solutions for you and your family

This service provides on-hand help and behavioural coaching to help you and your family achieve optimum health.  This is a very bespoke service which is highly personalised to you and your family with daily support and help, thus price is on application and subject to individual family circumstances.

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