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Eating Disorders

Regain a healthy relationship with food


Eating Disorders and Disordered Eating

Whether it is emotional eating, restrictive eating, binge eating, food obsession intertwined with desired weight loss, I work with clients to help regain a healthy relationship with food so that they can once again lead a normal life, without guilt or shame.

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What's Included

Regaining a Healthy Relationship with Food

These sessions and packages are structured differently due to the additional support and requirements of individuals where disordered eating or an official eating disorder diagnosis is involved.

  • You may have never had an eating disorder diagnosis but know that your relatonship with food is not healthy.
  • You may have had a historical ED diagnosis and officially ‘recovered’ but know your relationship with food is not what you’d like it to be.  Perhaps it has recently been re-triggered.
  • You may feel that your thoughts and relationship with food rule your life.
  • You may be concerned about the damage an historical ED has done to your body and wish to learn how to best support your body nutritionally going forward.
  • You may have other diagnoses (eg ADHD, mood disorders) that have made getting help difficult historically.
  • Initial 15 minute discovery call.
  • First 60 minute assessment may be required to ensure that we are suited to work together – chargeable but half refunded if you decide not to continue.
  • Initial 90 minute in-depth health consultation with appropriate food plan/guidance (£420)
  • Weekly 60 minute sessions are required for a minimum of 8 weeks then usually moving out to every 2 weeks.  60 minutes is £240.
  • Nutritional support and feedback provided in-between sessions were needed via an app allowing 2-way collaboration online (GDPR compliant and secure).
  • Coaching and behaviour changes are integrated within all sessions at a level appropriate to you and your circumstances but additional psychological support may be required in order for us to work together. Guidance will be given on this in the discovery call.

Katherine works closely with you and your Doctor or other health care providers to ensure the best care and recovery where this is appropriate.

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