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Making a Difference to Employee Wellness

Employee wellbeing is key for workplace productivity but is a massively over-looked area particularly when it comes to addressing the root cause of the high burden of chronic health conditions amongst not only employees but leaders and entrepreneurs.  It is estimated that 60% of the workforce now have a chronic health condition resulting in over 17 days off work sick.

Chronic health conditions include anxiety, depression, burnout, migraines, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, IBS, long-term loss of energy and are a major sources of lost productivity, contributing to employee loss of fulfilment and contentment and ultimately lowered performance.

Whilst Wellbeing is an area most companies are investing in, do you know what difference the talks and strategies you are putting in place are actually making?  Do you know the employee engagement in the initiatives?  Do you and your employees understand what getting to the root cause means and then how to do it for each and every one of you?

KCH Nutrition can deliver talks to you and your team that not only helps educate on how to get to the root cause, how to personalise health so you can all perform to your best but also how to help you measure the outcomes and improvements of strategies implemented at an individual and company level.

In this downloadable PDF, you’ll discover:

  • The impact that chronic health conditions have on company profitability and employee happiness.
  • What ‘performance’ actually means in the context of workplace wellness.
  • How we can start really making a difference.
  • More information on who KCH Nutrition are and why you want to choose them to support you and your team.
  • The range of leading talks that KCH Nutrition offer in a variety of packages to help support you and your team to really start making a difference to health and long-term company performance.